Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::Week 13::

Hi there..

Hurmm..supposedly this week we are to pass up our assignments on the collection of the teaching aids..but got rejected by madam.Huhu.Madam did not purposely did that, I knew.Sadly to say that most of us did not follow the format that was required for that particular assignment.Besides that, madam Foziah also wanted to give us the opportunity to insert the use of Microsoft Office Publisher in our assignment. We were given 1 week to do the improvement. Some of us buzzing about the delay, but for me..the lecture has the power of giving the works to the students..and our job as the students are to complete whatever task that are assigned to. It is a responsibility,right?I gathered all my group members and delegated the works equally to everyone.I met mdam for some clarification of my doubts regarding this assignment.By the end of the class, everything was being sorted out and the instruction was clear. All of us really need to work hard to complete this work.Gambatte(^-^)