Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::Week 10::

Hi there..

Today not many people came for the class. I was not sure whether it was due to the workloads given or they were just merely lazy to come to the class. Well, even though not many of us were present, but the class still going on as usual. We did presentation on the article taht we were assigned to. My group's article was about the internet and the use o it among teachers in eduation. During the presentation, I cameto realize that form the statistics, we can clearly see that the use of technology especially the internet still not an option for the teacher to use it in the classroom.The teachers should be exposed of the use of the technology to enhance the learning, not replacing the teacher's role in educating the pupils. Apart form that, I also got the chance to hear from other groups' presentation of different articles which contributed to my general knowledge. I was so relieved that the presentaion was over.Phiew! Now my partner and I can focus on editing the video(video editing task).Can't wait to see the outcome of it...:-)