Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::Week 11::

Hi there..

Here we meet again in this 11th entry.Remember the video editing task that I have mentioned before?Now it was done!Hurray!My partner and I have worked and gave our best effort in completing the video. It felt so good to see the outcome of it. Hehe. This week was kind of surprising week for us. We knew that we need to do video editing, but waht we did not know that we have to upload the video that we have created in madam's folder in the fromt computer because madam said that we are going to watch all the videos that has been created and give our comments on it. And I was like "!". I was so embarassed that the video that my partner and I have produced will be viewed by the rest of my coursemates. Haha. Actually, all of us felt the same though. Luckily my friends gave some comments and told me how to improve on it. I really enjoyed watching others' video because I knew that all of us had put in a lot of effort in completing this task..yippee~~