Sunday, November 8, 2009

::Week 9::

Hi there..

After done with the eBook and audio editing, this week we were assigned to do a video editing. This task is a pair work task. Once we have decided our partner, madam showed us several videos from our seniors as an example for us and also to give us some ideas on how we want our video to be. Next, in pairs, we were to discuss and create a storyboard about our video. It was easy to think of an idea but the hard part was to create a storyboard out of it.Both my partner and I were blurred at first but we managed to come up with the making the nature as our theme.We consulted madam about our idea but did not get approval from her as there were some weaknesses in our idea. So, both of us worked on our idea to improve it. We have planned on what software to be used in making the video and how we want to do it. Hopefully, the outcome of it was fine..:-)