Wednesday, July 29, 2009

::Week 4::

Last week we were asked to do a tutorial on how to search an mp3 song from the internet. The best part was, I just knew about the “print screen” button exist on the keyboard! It was way much easier then clicking the right button on the mouse to copy things that we wanted to copy then click “paste” again. Two work at a time. But, by using “print screen” button, it was like a photocopier machine. Easy. One click and the work that we wanted to copy was done in an blink of an eye. Besides that, last week was my first group presentation. We take turn to present so that all the works were equally divided. I was very nervous at first since I have no idea how P. Foziah will judge the whole presentation. But when I looked at her calm and “cool” face, somehow I felt like she was just like one of us in the room. I was glad to hear she gave good comments on our presentation. I hope to improve myself in the presentation skills as well as building my ICT skills week by week. Fighting, Ayuni! 