Wednesday, July 22, 2009

::Week 3::

Here we met again in the second week of resources reflection. As usual, I was busy with my job (which was collecting money from the class) and also settled the payment for the books that we ought to buy with the photocopier. Tiring and things were kind of in a mess for a while but I managed to control the situation gradually. This week, more load and loads of work to do. We were assigned in groups and the first task was to discuss one of the topics from the book. Basically we need to do the reading part and understand what was being discussed by the author in the book. Nothing much, though. The second task was more challenging as we were asked to come up with our own portfolio which consisted of several technology skills such as video-editing, photo-editing, audio-editing, internet skills and so on. I thought all these skills were easy, but I was wrong. Totally wrong. It needed more that a gut to take risk and learning new things for me as the technology was not my interest. What worries me was I was still a toddler in learning technology as before this, I only knew technology on its surface not in depth. So, it was somehow a problem for me because in this semester, our entire task requires the use of technology as the source for information and also the source of enhancing the teaching and learning process. Luckily I have great helpful group members who are not stingy in sharing their information and skills about technology. I hope I will succeed sailing through the oceans of technology. Oh God. Please help me..:-)