Wednesday, September 9, 2009

::Week 8::

Hi there..

Huhu.There were lots of things to do to complete the assignments given by the lecturer. As for the assignments, we were asked to do audio editing (individual and group), photo editing, and e-Book. This time we need to compile everything in one. Double work for us as we need to do the tutorial in both format, powerpoint and also words. The challenge came when we need to edit the audios(group work) because I am not familiar with those audio editing software. Besides, our task was to remove the background noise and improve the audio quality. I started to get headache already, luckyliy my friends were there to support me. I took it as a challenge and I dare myself to do it. I am more than satisfied to know that at the end of day, what I did was worth it. I am so happy..:-)