Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::Special edition..15th entry..::

We were asked to answer several questions in this 15th entry..

1. What do you like about blogging?

Blogging allows me to express myself in my own way.

2.What do you not like about blogging?

There is nothing that I do not like in blogging. I really enjoyed using it.

3.What have you gained from blogging eg. Language skills, improved fluency, critical thinking, improved thought processes, technology skills etc.

There are several benefits that I gained from blogging. Firstly,in improving my language skills and secondly it improves my intrapersonal and intrpersonal skills.


Firstly, it helped me in improving my language skills as I always use the language to write every entry.Besides that, blogging also allows me to improve my thought process as I alwasys need to do some reflection on what I have learned on that day before typing it out in th entry. The thoughts and ideas are more organized. Furthermore, blogging also helped me to improve on my intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Blog is not only for individual view but it also allows other people to view it. This helped me in recheck my language and also the appropriateness of my content before publishing it.

5.What do you like about this course?

This course allows me to explore and learn about various types of resources materials that can be used in the primary ESL classroom. The integration of technology adds in variation in creating the teaching aids to capture pupils' interest as well as guiding them to be a digital citizen in the future.

6.What you do not like about this course?

Honetly, there is nothing that I do not like about this course.

7.What have you learnt from this course?

I have learned how to use and manipulate the teachnology in order to produce purposeful, meaningful, and interesting teaching aids. Besides that, I also learnt different skills in editing photos, audios, videos, and also how to search, download, and use certain software related to the primary classroom.

8.What have you learnt from this course that you did not expect to?

I learned about photo editing skills and also audio editing skills which I did not expect to learn from this course.

9.What have you expected but do not learn from this course?

I expected to learn more about the various types of resources that can be used in the classroom for example the different types of pictures that can be used as teaching aids, and so on.

10.If you can change anything about this course, state what is and elaborate?

There is nothing that I want to change about this course. But if I can change something about it, I will add on more hands-on activity such as producing teaching aids. The task on producing teaching aids allow us to show our creativity more freely as comppared to the technology.

11. On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate your computing and technological skills for both before and after undergoing the course.

On a scale of 1-10, my rate for computing and techological skills before attending this course was 4. After undergoing this course, my rate now is 8!

::Week 14::

The last week of Resources class......

Oh,my.Without realizing it..this class has come to its end. I really hate this feeling.Huhu.Today there were merely about 18 of us were present.The rest?Haha.Gone with the wind, I guess. Even though there were only 18 people, Madam Foziah still continue to cherish the last day with us. This day was different than the days before.It was more relaxing and creating an atmosphere that was difficult for me to guess. Madam gave useful tips for our test. Madam..thank you soooo much.The second and third assignments were submitted. The only assignments left were the portfolio and the blog. I seriously wanted to score this paper.I gave the best in every task.I really enjoyed this course as it enables me to explore as well as gain useful knowledge that will help me in my future teaching. Thank you ma'am..(^*^)

::Week 13::

Hi there..

Hurmm..supposedly this week we are to pass up our assignments on the collection of the teaching aids..but got rejected by madam.Huhu.Madam did not purposely did that, I knew.Sadly to say that most of us did not follow the format that was required for that particular assignment.Besides that, madam Foziah also wanted to give us the opportunity to insert the use of Microsoft Office Publisher in our assignment. We were given 1 week to do the improvement. Some of us buzzing about the delay, but for me..the lecture has the power of giving the works to the students..and our job as the students are to complete whatever task that are assigned to. It is a responsibility,right?I gathered all my group members and delegated the works equally to everyone.I met mdam for some clarification of my doubts regarding this assignment.By the end of the class, everything was being sorted out and the instruction was clear. All of us really need to work hard to complete this work.Gambatte(^-^)

::Week 12::

Hi there..

Today madam introduced us somethig on Microsoft Office Publisher. This is not my first time using this software as I have used it before. But the different that madam brought in this resource's class was that how to create interesting teaching aids using this piblisher.Haha.I never thought that Microsoft Ofice Publisher can also be used as one of the teaching aids for children.For that 3 hours, we were exploring the software and also create something out of it. As for me, I did a Quick Publication on health awareness. I have fun in inserting the pictures as well as the captions. In the end, I managed to create a colourful, attractive Quick Publication on health awareness. This can be used in teaching and learning process in the classroom if the teacher wants to emphasis on the importance of good health as well as design activites out of it. I had to agree...Microsoft Office Publisher did an excellence job in creating as well as add in variation in the teaching aids that can be used by the teacher in the classroom..:-)

::Week 11::

Hi there..

Here we meet again in this 11th entry.Remember the video editing task that I have mentioned before?Now it was done!Hurray!My partner and I have worked and gave our best effort in completing the video. It felt so good to see the outcome of it. Hehe. This week was kind of surprising week for us. We knew that we need to do video editing, but waht we did not know that we have to upload the video that we have created in madam's folder in the fromt computer because madam said that we are going to watch all the videos that has been created and give our comments on it. And I was like "!". I was so embarassed that the video that my partner and I have produced will be viewed by the rest of my coursemates. Haha. Actually, all of us felt the same though. Luckily my friends gave some comments and told me how to improve on it. I really enjoyed watching others' video because I knew that all of us had put in a lot of effort in completing this task..yippee~~

::Week 10::

Hi there..

Today not many people came for the class. I was not sure whether it was due to the workloads given or they were just merely lazy to come to the class. Well, even though not many of us were present, but the class still going on as usual. We did presentation on the article taht we were assigned to. My group's article was about the internet and the use o it among teachers in eduation. During the presentation, I cameto realize that form the statistics, we can clearly see that the use of technology especially the internet still not an option for the teacher to use it in the classroom.The teachers should be exposed of the use of the technology to enhance the learning, not replacing the teacher's role in educating the pupils. Apart form that, I also got the chance to hear from other groups' presentation of different articles which contributed to my general knowledge. I was so relieved that the presentaion was over.Phiew! Now my partner and I can focus on editing the video(video editing task).Can't wait to see the outcome of it...:-)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

::Week 9::

Hi there..

After done with the eBook and audio editing, this week we were assigned to do a video editing. This task is a pair work task. Once we have decided our partner, madam showed us several videos from our seniors as an example for us and also to give us some ideas on how we want our video to be. Next, in pairs, we were to discuss and create a storyboard about our video. It was easy to think of an idea but the hard part was to create a storyboard out of it.Both my partner and I were blurred at first but we managed to come up with the making the nature as our theme.We consulted madam about our idea but did not get approval from her as there were some weaknesses in our idea. So, both of us worked on our idea to improve it. We have planned on what software to be used in making the video and how we want to do it. Hopefully, the outcome of it was fine..:-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

::Week 8::

Hi there..

Huhu.There were lots of things to do to complete the assignments given by the lecturer. As for the assignments, we were asked to do audio editing (individual and group), photo editing, and e-Book. This time we need to compile everything in one. Double work for us as we need to do the tutorial in both format, powerpoint and also words. The challenge came when we need to edit the audios(group work) because I am not familiar with those audio editing software. Besides, our task was to remove the background noise and improve the audio quality. I started to get headache already, luckyliy my friends were there to support me. I took it as a challenge and I dare myself to do it. I am more than satisfied to know that at the end of day, what I did was worth it. I am so happy..:-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

::Week 7::

Hye there..

Here we met again after a wonderful one week break. Hehe. During the holidays,I was struggling myself to complete two tasks : photo editing and E-book. As a person who is not a "techno-savvy" person, I faced some problems when it came to photo editing as I was not very familiar with the software Adobe Photoshop. Luckily my lecturer gave us about one week to re-do everything. So I took the chance during the holiday to understand and learn more about Adobe Photoshop. It was very interesting. Unfortunately, I could only download the trial version of the software. So sad.Huhu. Well, on the E-book side, the problem came when I wanted to present the idea to the lecturer. Although mine was rejected, Madam did give me helpful tips on how I could my ideas. Thank you, ma'am! :-). I have uploaded my E-book. Personally, I think that E-book is one of the resources that the teachers orr educators can use in order to enhance the teaching and learning process. E-book can be an interesting and meaningful tool for the teachers because it is up to the teachers' creativity on how he or she wants it to be like. For me, it is like a digital storybook. Very practical and convenient..:-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

::Week 6::

Hi there..
Here we meet again. Last week I put my knowledge of photo editing into practice. Hehe. Being a person who was not into this techno-savvy before, I only knew the basic things on how to edit a photo. But this time, our lecturer gave us the freedom and room to explore our own creativity and blend it into the photo. It was not as easy as I thought. Huhu. The first thing that we were asked to do was to explore the software which was “FxFoto”. Personally, I found that this software was not as user-friendly as the other photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Photoscape. There were limited features in the software but it still can be considered as good software that we can use in photo editing. I am still in the mode of exploring these photo editing software and learn new things regarding technology..:-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

::Week 5::

Hi there...
Everything seemed to be in a fast pace now as we need to prepare read and prepare the slides for chapter 2, 3, and 4. Three in a row! Of course, lots of work needs to be done now so that when the exam is coming around the corner, we have fewer things to do. Hehe. What I like about Pn.Foziah is, she made it compulsory for us to change the group after finished doing a task. Unlike the previous presentation, this time I worked with new group members who I rarely got a chance to work with back in IPIK. This way is good, in my opinion because we can have the chance to feel how to work with other people, and at the end of the semester, we have worked with everyone. It is a good strategy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

::Week 4::

Last week we were asked to do a tutorial on how to search an mp3 song from the internet. The best part was, I just knew about the “print screen” button exist on the keyboard! It was way much easier then clicking the right button on the mouse to copy things that we wanted to copy then click “paste” again. Two work at a time. But, by using “print screen” button, it was like a photocopier machine. Easy. One click and the work that we wanted to copy was done in an blink of an eye. Besides that, last week was my first group presentation. We take turn to present so that all the works were equally divided. I was very nervous at first since I have no idea how P. Foziah will judge the whole presentation. But when I looked at her calm and “cool” face, somehow I felt like she was just like one of us in the room. I was glad to hear she gave good comments on our presentation. I hope to improve myself in the presentation skills as well as building my ICT skills week by week. Fighting, Ayuni! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

::Week 3::

Here we met again in the second week of resources reflection. As usual, I was busy with my job (which was collecting money from the class) and also settled the payment for the books that we ought to buy with the photocopier. Tiring and things were kind of in a mess for a while but I managed to control the situation gradually. This week, more load and loads of work to do. We were assigned in groups and the first task was to discuss one of the topics from the book. Basically we need to do the reading part and understand what was being discussed by the author in the book. Nothing much, though. The second task was more challenging as we were asked to come up with our own portfolio which consisted of several technology skills such as video-editing, photo-editing, audio-editing, internet skills and so on. I thought all these skills were easy, but I was wrong. Totally wrong. It needed more that a gut to take risk and learning new things for me as the technology was not my interest. What worries me was I was still a toddler in learning technology as before this, I only knew technology on its surface not in depth. So, it was somehow a problem for me because in this semester, our entire task requires the use of technology as the source for information and also the source of enhancing the teaching and learning process. Luckily I have great helpful group members who are not stingy in sharing their information and skills about technology. I hope I will succeed sailing through the oceans of technology. Oh God. Please help me..:-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

::Week 2::

Last week, my first task to do was to create a blog. This week, i expect to get assignments from my lecturer. Yes i got two assignments from her. the due date for both assignment is in about one month. The date doesnt make me feel creepy. but the one that makes my hands, and alsomy head, shaking is the kind of the assignment. ELECTRONICs. That is what my assignments look alike.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

::Week 1::

Today I nearly late for my first resources's because of the terrible jam near Um this morning...
I was praying hard to God not to be a late comer for this class because I'm afraid of the lecturer's first impression towards me..huhu..first impression is important right?
I love the lecturer...seriously...she made things comfortable and pleasing for us...
the way she approached's kind of motivating actually...
In the first lecture, Pn. Foziah briefly told us what we are going to learn in this course...
We'll learn how to prepare teaching aids for the Esl classroom by using technology...
For me...this is going to be an interesting course because in my opinion, the growing of teachnology and innovation move hand in hand in education...
Technology helps the educators to make variation especially in creating and choosing suitable teaching materials for the children...
By using different sources in the ESL classroom, it will help to promote motivation in learning the language..
Other than that, I was elected by my lecturer to collect money for the class..hehe..
My first experience for this semester because before this I was the assisstant monitor for my class..
InsyaAllah...Iwill carry out my duty honestly...
I hope my journey in acquiring knowledge especially in technology will benefit me in the future!
I'm looking forward to attend this class again...:-)