Wednesday, November 11, 2009

::Week 14::

The last week of Resources class......

Oh,my.Without realizing it..this class has come to its end. I really hate this feeling.Huhu.Today there were merely about 18 of us were present.The rest?Haha.Gone with the wind, I guess. Even though there were only 18 people, Madam Foziah still continue to cherish the last day with us. This day was different than the days before.It was more relaxing and creating an atmosphere that was difficult for me to guess. Madam gave useful tips for our test. Madam..thank you soooo much.The second and third assignments were submitted. The only assignments left were the portfolio and the blog. I seriously wanted to score this paper.I gave the best in every task.I really enjoyed this course as it enables me to explore as well as gain useful knowledge that will help me in my future teaching. Thank you ma'am..(^*^)